Frequently asked Questions

What is meant by clinical treatments?

We focus on those treatments that we know have scientific back up for improving skin. We also save you time and money by cutting out the frilly bits during treatments. If it’s is not going to benefit your skin, we leave it out. Please click on the various treatments to learn more. If you want a massage, please visit your local spa.

Which products do you use?

We tend to avoid the “flavour of the day” brand and search a bit harder. We believe in mindfulness. Mindful of our client’s safety, our planet and animals. Our protocols and product choices are based on combined industry knowledge exceeding 25 years. For home care use we recommend the use of Botane skin actives. A local endocrine friendly brand, free of harmful substances and skin sensitisers, yet powerful and potent against skin aging. Please click here to learn more about Botane Skin Actives.

How do I have to prepare myself or my home for your visit?

We do not require much from you other than an area that will fit our portable bed/plinth, as well as a small table to place our equipment on and access to warm water. Your therapist will set up the area within a few minutes of arrival and will continue with consultation and treatment as done in a normal salon environment.

Advanced treatments can be slightly invasive. How do you manage hygiene?

Proper hygiene is part of our safety policy. We consider this throughout our protocols. Feel free to ask your therapist to explain these measures to you.

How qualified are your therapists?

Skingen mobile skin experts are in possession of a 3 year diploma and a certain level of industry experience is compulsory due to the nature of the treatments offered.

In which areas are you operational?

– Western Cape
– Southern Suburbs
– Atlantic Seaboard
– Northern Suburbs
– Blouberg
– Melkbos

I am interested, but not convinced. Can I book a consultation?

Please send us an email or WhatsApp. One of our friendly therapists will make contact and answer all your questions.

How do I book?

You can book online by using the book now button, you can phone, WhatsApp or email us.