Our Treatments

Micro Needling : R850

This is one of the most beneficial skin treatments around. It is used to treat signs of aging, scarring as well as acne prone skins. It normalises the cell turnover process and assist in prevention of congestion. It also promotes collagen deposition, hence the firming effect. It assists with moisture retention.

We add an endocrine friendly peptide serum for optimum regeneration. The treatment intervals and needle depth is adjusted according to your specific indications. You can expect little to moderate downtime.

Chemical Peels : R550

We offer different types to address your skin concerns. The Hydraplus peel will infuse your skin with moisture and leave your skin plumper, smoother and brighter. Our Clear skin peel specifically addresses oiliness and acne lesions.

The Botanical peel is so soft and gentle it produces no downtime and is safe for our dark skinned clients as well. Peels are used in between your needling, plasma and/or dermaplaning sessions.

Plasma Resurfacing and Lesion Removal : R750

Plasma generating device is used to sublimate any unwanted benign skin growths or lesions such as skin tags, warts, fleshy moles etc.

It is also used to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles in localised areas such as eye area and mouth area. Effective to improve scarring and stretch marks as well. Downtime to be expected.

Dermaplaning : R600

A wonderful mechanical exfoliation that will leave your skin smooth and glowing. A surgical scalpel is used to scrape off dead skin layers. This increase cell turnover and promote the penetration of serums and skin actives.

Useful for aging and congested skins. Perfect just before any special occasion. No downtime and no discomfort.