Why “Mobile Skin treatments” is the future…written by mobilemumsie aka Tamarah Renecle

The aesthetics industry is booming and not because people are relating to the Kardastian family but because people are very aware of the intrinsic and extrinsic influences that play a surmountable effect on our skin health.

Many years ago we use to sit outside lathered in baby oil, pining for that mediterranean tan that every second person seemed to have. We did this without any regard for the effects this would play out 20 years down the line…

Cut to the present day and most of us sit with some sort of damage, whether it be the dreaded skin cancer or just the occasional annoying sunspot that seems to darken year by year…

There are so many influences that play a role in the health of our skin, which has pushed many therapists and doctors to figure out what it is that we can do to reverse these effects and get our skin back on track. Gone are the days that a average facial was recommended to turn back the time on your skin. Nowadays the treatments offered have surpassed just adding a serum or a mask to “plump” up your skin, we now have devices that actually stimulate, oxygenate and supply nutrient filled blood to the area to kick-start our ageing skin and get it back to where it should be with regards to your chronological age.

So how does “Mobile Aesthetics” progress this incredible snowball effect that is occurring in our industry? Well, for one, we can see that life hasn’t slowed down in any other aspect of peoples lives. Work consumes our lives and balancing that with children and being ever-present in their worlds is a constant struggle. Getting to a salon on time in their opening hours can often be frustrating due to traffic, parking and the lack of time our lives allow for us to look after ourselves. This type of stress can perpetuate many skin conditions such as eczema, acne and skin sensitivity in general. So why put that pressure on yourself and your skin. Why not have someone who cares for your overall health as much as your do. Mobile therapists have the ability to work around your needs which takes the stress out of planning your life around getting to a clinic that ends in almost 80% of the time a cancellation due to you reprioritising your day. Personally, the feedback I get from my clients has blown me away. Its not until you actually have experienced the convenience of having someone work around you, that you start realising how much unnecessary time is taken out of your life for others, when it is you that actually needs the time and convenience.

From a therapists perspective, I can not begin to describe the change I have experienced in life since I have left the clinic/salon environment for the mobile-miracle I have found myself in. Having a toddler of 2 and another on the way whilst working full-time with traffic in a highly stressful environment put a lot of unnecessary guilt on me as a mother and wife and pressure on the household. Of course in this day, making a living and supporting our family is top priority but finding the balance where your work doesn’t affect your family in an emotional capacity is incredibly important to me and I have definitely found that being able to work for myself, in the hours that work for my family and my clients has calmed my nerves and helped me to focus on what is important. Skingen has definitely given my career as a therapist longevity, knowing the treatments we do are result driven giving me the satisfaction that I am making a difference to people’s lives, coupled with the benefits of working around my clients and family. I can only say that mobile therapy is the solution to an industry that is far too quick to lose the knowledge and experience due to burn out and inability to give so much of ourselves on a continual basis without feeling the benefits on a personal level as well.

I will leave you with a thought: Why do we focus so much on making others lives easier , be it at work or at home, and then disregard that same opportunity offered to you due to it feeling unfamiliar or unnecessary?